The Bikini Line Tummy Tuck – Getting Ready For The Summer

Getting rid of the jelly belly and having a flat stomach is the desire of most women.  Many women can remember that belly of their youth with fond nostalgia when they good eat whatever they want and still look good in a swimsuit. However the combination of pregnancy, weight gain and gravity conspires against this goal.

While being bikini clad may not be possible for some as the warm weather approaches, at least looking good in a one-piece without that bulge would be great. This brings many to consider that a tummy tuck would be the answer. There is no question that the fullest version of a tummy tuck can make one the flattest but with that comes a fine line scar from hip to hip as well as a scar around the new belly button. That may be a good trade-off for the bigger hanging midruff but is not for everyone.

An alternative to this scarring is the mini-abdominoplasty, also known as the bikini line tummy tuck. Like the Lifestyle Lift is to the facelift, the bikini line tuck results in less  scar (shorter low scar with no belly button scar) and puts it in a better location…as low as possible. I often find that the length of the full tummy tuck scar is not what is usually the most offensive. It is that is very difficult to keep it really low, within the bikini line, due to the amount of skin removed and the tension that is placed upon it when it is closed.

Bikini Tucks are best for women who do not have tons of excess skin and fat. They are most ideal for the average build to more trim individual that just can’t get rid of that small belly issue and is driving them crazy. No amount of diet and exercise can get rid of it and one has reached the wall in terms of effort in trying to do so. This is understandable as loose skin is not a calorie sensitive tissue, it can’t be exercised off no matter how many situps you do or miles that you walk or run.

Some skin will tighten back up after weight loss or pregnancy but if it hasn’t done within 6 months to a year, it is not going to happen.  If there are stretch marks over the skin you want to get rid off, forget about any tightening at all. Stretch marks means the skin has been permanently damaged and has little to no elasticity at all left, it has been permanently expanded.

Liposuction can be part of any tummy tuck but it is most extensively used and often needed in the bikini line tummy tuck. Thinning out any fat above the belly button and along the sides of the waistline and hip at the same time adds to whatever skin and fat is  removed in the front.

Are you bikini ready? Maybe not and you may not even wanna be. But the Bikini Line tummy tuck can take your stomach and waistline to a place that you can’t get to…without a lot of visible scarring.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana