That Nagging Neck Wattle

Without explanation, everyone seems to know what a neck wattle is. While not seen as an endearing neck ornament as one gets older,  this sagging piece of skin and fat is often a source of considerable anguish of one’s appearance.

The good news is that neck wattles can be successfully eliminated and usually much easier than one thinks. The trick is matching the proper solution for the size of the neck wattle. Some wattles are small, others are quite large. Different wattles need different approaches.

The two things that we know about neck contouring is what doesn’t work. There has yet to be a cream that has a real ‘neck rejuvenation’ effect. The winner in that transaction is always the seller of the magical potion. If there was a cream that could really change your neck, we would all know about it and it would cost thousands of dollars per jar. The other scam is that of neck exercises. If a neck wattle was really due to loose muscles, this approach might have some benefit. But it is loose skin and fat for which the ‘neck gym’ remains no better than those creams in a jar.

Getting rid of that neck wattle requires a necklift, also known as a facelift. There are different varieties of  these lower facial lifting procedures depending upon how the size of the wattle. Smaller or more limited versions are popularly known as Lifestyle Lifts. They are great for jowling but not for the bigger neck wattle. For a neck that hangs more, a full facelift is what is needed. It has a powerful change effect on making that neck more shapely and tucked up again.The difference between the two is the location and extent of the incisions around the ears and the time of recovery.

 To really change the neck in more significant wattles and sagging, the facelift must have an incision that goes up behind the ear and back into the scalp. It is the pull from behind the ear that draws up and tightens the loose skin in the middle of the neck. When needed, the extra recovery is worth the investment.

The other neck wattle surgery that few people have ever heard of is the direct necklift. It is the real wattle reducer and is the simplest of procedures to go through with but a few days of recovery. By cutting out the wattle directly, it is gone forever and creates a neck shape that will last for decades. The tradeoff for this simple wattle eliminator men is a fine line scar down the center of the neck. For men who have beard skin, this scar heals beautifully and may be the procedure of choice in the older male. For women, this potential scar must be considered very carefully.