Testicular Implant Replacement

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in a testicular implant replacement with the silicone implant. I have read some of your case studies on your website about testicular implants, I think the one I have now  is the saline implant. it is very firm and is attached too high. uncomfortable at times and the attachment point hurts sometimes. I had the implant installed due to removal of an undescended testicle. The first surgery I had in my early 20’s was an attempt to lower it but later I had to have it removed and a prosthetic installed. I am 62 years old now.

A: Thank you for the clarification on your testicular implant history. Everything you have described is classic in the use of saline testicular implants in some patients.  (Hard, high riding and somewhat uncomfortable due to a suture fixation point)

While you may now be 62 years old, your age is irrevelant to have it replaced with a much softer implants that sits lower in the scrotum and hangs freely without an unnatural adhesive point of attachment. This is not a complicated surgery and one is really never too old to have it done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana