Testicular Enlargement Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 55 years old and in excellent health. Over the years my testicles have shrunken and I would like to enlarge them back to where they use to be. Specifically I mean that I wan t enlarge the size of the testicles I have. How can this be done? Thanks.

A: Testicular enlargement surgery is done by creating custom testicle implants that are larger in diameter than your existing testicles. (based on how much size increase you want) What is unique about them for this purpose is that they have a hollow center which is an approximate size of your existing testicles. In surgery such implants are bivalved (cut in half) and then used to encase your testicles and put back together. A hole remains on one end for the vascular pedicle/vas deferens to exit.

The other implant option is to use standard testicle implants and hollow them out during the surgery. This is obviously far more tedious but avoids the custom implant route.

The surgical approach is a through a midline incision on the raphe of the scrotum. This allows the testicies to be dissected out  and delivered through the incision with its pedicle oriented inward.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana