Testicular Enlargement Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am interested in enlarging the current size of my testicles. (testicular enlargement implants) Do you perform soft testicular implants that go around the testicle to enlarge them up to 3 inches in size?

A: In regards to testicular implants, you are referring to a testicular enlargement procedure that uses an implant that wraps around one’s existing testicle to expand its size.  This is different than a testicular implant procedure where a missing testicle is replaced. Testicular enlargement is done using a specially designed bivalved silicone implant that opens up like a clamshell to envelope one’s existing testicles and is closed down around it.  This increases the size of the testicles by adding an implant layer around it. An opening for the vas deferens and the neurovascular pedicle remains at the top of the enveloping implant to keep these important structures intact and not to be pinched or compromised as the clamshell implant is closed around it.

Whether a testicle can be increased in size up to three inches depends on numerous factors including the current size of your testicles. I am not sure you may grasp the size of a 3 inch or 7.5 cm testicle but this would be quite large. Even in the XL testicle implants I have done the largest size has been 7 cms.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana