Testicle Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m needing some information on the ultra-soft testicale implants you talk about in you blogs. I have had a semi-solid Promedom implant placed three weeks ago. Now I find it is a bit harder than my other natural one, so are the soft implants you mention softer and more natural feeling than the Promedom semi-solid elastomer ones? Are they silicon gel filled or just a much softer elastomer? Which company makes and supplies them and how could I purchase them here in my country?

A:I can not speak to how the Promedom testicle implant compares to the ultrasoft testicle implants that I use here in the U.S. since I have never felt that implant before. I also have no knowledge of its silicone composition or properties. But due to the lowest durometer silicone that is used in my custom testicle implants and I have yet to see a patient state that it is too firm, I would guess that it is a softer solid silicone material that what you have currently in place. The testicle implants that I use are exclusively provided to U.S. surgeons based on FDA requirements and guidelines. How to get them in your country is a question for the manufacturer.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana