Temporal Reduction and Risk of Chewing Problems

  Q: Dr. Eppley, I write you because I want to ask you some questions about the surgery which I’m really interested: Temporal reduction. I will be so glad if you answer me this questions which are very important to me:

1. Is it safe that after the surgery I will not have problems to chew or another type?

2. All the people who had this surgery didn’t have any problem?

3. How many people approximately have had this surgery? 

4. There is in your plastic surgery center some personal who speaks spanish? I’m from Spain and it would be a lot easier if when I go there I can speak with someome who understands my language. 

Thank you so much!

A:In answer to your temporal reduction questions:

1) There are no after surgery chewing problems with temporal reduction surgery.

2) As stated in #1, no patients have ever had a chewing problem.

3) Over 50 patients have been treated with temporal reduction surgery.

4) Unfortunately no one in my practice speaks fluent Spanish.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana