Temporal Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I briefly exchanged messages with you a couple of years back as I was quite distressed with certain aspects of my appearance, namely the extreme narrowness of my skull and length of my face. I tend to have a narrower skull/face than most, male or female. I have a very dolichocephalic skull, with all the usual signs; long midface, excessive occiput, narrow bitemporal area etc. I had a mild skull deformity and borderline long-face syndrome that caused vertical facial growth and heavy asymmetry of the face. I have subsequently had surgery with jaw angle implants and a genioplasty. I am very happy with the results as it has gone some way to adding width to my face and restoring an element of balance. However, I have been very impressed with your extensive information on the possibility of forehead/anterior temple widening. Or basically, overall widening of the face and skull. I think that could apply to my situation where I want to add masculinity and width to my face/head. I have attached some before and after pictures for you to hopefully take a look at. I have tried to find pictures that show similar camera angles in the before and afters. 

The questions that I have are:

– Can you see potential for my forehead and temple area to be widened?

– I have always had a small mouth, but since having the jaw implants it has perhaps become a bit more apparent. Can anything be done to widen the lips?

– I believe that the surgery I have had has helped to balance my midface somewhat, but still think it is perhaps a bit too long. Can anything be done to shorten/balance the midface? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. As a potential foreign patient, naturally I have many questions to ask before hopefully flying over! Have a good day!

A: As I suspected back then shortening the chin and adding facial width by jaw angle implants will go a long way to make your face less long and a bit wider. Adding extended temporal implants that go all the way up to the side of the forehead as well as posterior temporal implants will add further benefit to this overall effect.

While you can widen the lips at the corners of the mouth, there would be small scars to do so.

There is nothing you can do to shorten the midface. That is a fixed structure that can not be changed without burying the upper teeth under the upper lip.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana