Temporal Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about standard temporal implants:

  1. How can a standard implant cover up the inner concave on the hollowing temple fully with perfect positive results? Won’t there be bulges, indents of pockets not covered by the standard implant? 
  2. By standard, do you mean a one size fits all? Is this a standard procedure? Because I haven’t seen it aside from your practice. 
  3. How far back does the imlant go? if you see in the pictures, I’m deficient a little back there behind temple above the ear along the ear. What do you think?
  4. How about Fillers instead? Ideally Permanent fillers? Or even better Fat? What’s your opinion on fillers instead of implants?
  5. Please to the best of your ability explain the procedure. Basically we make an incision (where) and push in the implant, fit it and close the incision? Is there something done to hold down the implant?
  6. How long is recovery from a pain perspective, bruising, swelling and going back to work perspective. 
  7. How long do I stay in Indiana ideally? What if it becomes infected when I am home? Is flying with it in hard and painful? Or do you have a doctor you work with in my area.
  8. Is it irresponsible to do a surgery in another state?
  9. Are temporal implants reversible?
  10. What does it feel like to the touch?
  11. Aesthetic outcome: can we make it straight not rounded?  I tend to get haircuts that make hollowing look straight, not rounded. Thats the best aesthetic. Can we aim for that? 
  12. Can it ever come out of place?
  13. Please can I request before and after pictures? I’m from out of state and would really like a few before I commit to this long process.

A: In answer to your temporal implants questions:

1) Your temporal concavity concerns are classic and are exactly what standard temporal implants were made to augment. They would produce a smooth contour…although I am going to point out there are no perfect results in any facial implant procedure or surgery. If only perfection will do, then you should not have surgery as that never happens.

2) Standard temporal implants come in two styles and two sizes and are widely used.

3) Standard temporal implants do not go back that far.

4) There is nothing with fillers or fat injections…other than they are not permanent. When in doubt so those first.

5) The implant is placed in a subfascial pocket on top of the muscle. That si what holds it into place.

6) Pain is minimal, there usually is not bruising and there will be swelling.

7) You should be able to return home the next day. I have not seen a temporal implant infection.

8) Many patients have plastic surgery far away from home. It is commonly done.

9) Like all facial implants, it is completely reversible.

10)  Feels like normal muscle. The implant is soft and squishy like muscle.

11) Making the temporal straight is best achieved by using small implants.

12) It can not become dislodged from the surgical pocket into which it is placed.

13) Due to patient confidentiality I can not pass out patient pictures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana