Temporal Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I hope you will respond to my question. I am scheduled for temple augmentation with your designed temporal implant and was curious to know the recovery time? I have had cheek augmentation recently(2 months ago) and found the swelling stayed longer than anyone explained. Should I expect the same swelling with this implant? How long? Are there any photos of temple implant recovery?? Is this a new type of implant?

A: Since you are not my patient, my first answer to your temporal implant augmentation question is that these should really be answered by the surgeon you are trusting to do the procedure. He/she should be able to fully explain these questions if they have had experience with the procedure.

That being said, temporal implant recovery will be quicker than that of cheek implants. As you have now learned, full recovery from any type of facial skeletal augmentation will take a full two to three months. Your surgeon should have made that clear before your surgery. Any form of facial implant surgery always takes longer than any patient believes or is told. However since temporal implants are not a bone-based surgery but a muscle one, the recovery is much quicker with a faster resolution of swelling and to get to the point of seeing the final result.

Due to patent confidentiality, patient photos are not shared.

The temporal implant is not a new implant as defined by just coming out. It has been commercially available now for over three years.

Best of luck with your surgery,

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana