Surgical Facial Definition Change

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am getting closer to finalizing my plans regarding facial implant procedures (hopefully this summer/early fall, depending on school schedule), and I just wanted to ask you a brief question regarding treatment/augmentation goals. Ironically enough, the photo linked below is actually a morph of a person’s face, but in general, is it possible to get (even if to a limited degree) the look you see in the cheeks and chin? More specifically, the fact that the cheeks and chin are not only defined, but also with the lines that run down both sides of the face to create the general “squareness” of the chin.

If it is, in fact, possible to achieve at least some degree of that look (I understand that trying to look like someone else is not realistic/possible), do you think that the combination of the male model-style cheek implants you offer and an off-the-shelf square chin implant would be sufficient to achieve it? 

A: The general answer to your question on that degree of facial definition is…no. Unless you look largely like that from the beginning, no form of surgery is going to create such a defined facial form. Such people have very little subcutaneous fat so they are essentially looking more skeletonized.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana