Q: Dr. Eppley, My knowledge about Smartlipo is limited. I have watched many tutorial videos and read information that has been posted on doctors websites.  I understand that it is a procedure that uses a laser to help extract the fat. It seems to have less bruising, less downtime and less time one has to wear the compression garment than traditional liposuction.

Maybe Smart lipo is not the best procedure for the unwanted fat on my abdomen, flanks, back bra area, thighs and let’s throw in the chin area for good measure. But that is the reason for the consultation….for you to advise me on options that will best fit my needs.

A:  The reason I ask about your perspective on Smartlipo is that it is highly misunderstood…which is not the patient’s fault. Many doctor’s marketing of it is false…or at the least a but understated. Smartlipo is not different in terms of invasiveness, amount of bruising, recovery or downtime than any other form of liposuction. It is just a different way to loosen up the fat to remove it but it is still a very invasive procedure just like every other form of liposuction.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana