Slimmer Face Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about plastic surgery, in particular, slimmer face surgery.

 On both sides the proportion of the bone between the eye’s outer edge until the head’s edges (hairline, ear) is too broad… as broad as the eye itself, whilst ideally it should have had maximum 2/3s of the eye’s width. I’d like to have a throughout slimmer face through:

1) temporal muscle reduction, together with bone shaving 

2) cheekbone reduction

3) bone shaving on the left and the right of the jaw (V shape)

What can be done for it? I read on your website about the temporal muscle reduction, but can it all be done together? 

And how many millimeters will the face become slimmer? I need 1.5 cm in total, or 2 × 0.75 at least.

Thanks in advance! 

A: The procedures of temporal reduction, zygomatic arch reduction and jaw angle/jawline shaving can all be done during the same procedure in an effort to achieve less head and facial width. (slimmer face surgery) I think it is realistic per side to have 7.5mm or a total of 1.5mc of bifacial width reduction achieved. This collection of head and facial procedures is the cost that can be done to reduce bitemporal and bifacial width.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana