Sliding Genioplasty

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m 19 and have a weak chin which I am beyond self conscious about. It is not extremely weak but it still makes my profile and resting face cringe worthy to me when people take photos of me. I do not feel comfortable getting a chin implant but also can’t afford to get chin fillers to fix the problem every six to twelve months for the rest of my life. I’ve considered fat transfer but would be devastated if the fat didn’t survive or became lumpy. I have come across Dr. Eppley on Real Self and am impressed with his knowledge about sliding genioplasty. I am a petite girl with a skinny face and well defined jawline (5’2 113 pounds). I am wanting a small amount of advancement forward and an even smaller amount if none at all of vertical advancement. However, given my skinny face, I am so incredibly afraid of having a “step off” or notch in my jawline. I am wondering if a 4 to 5mm advancement would create this irregularity in the jawline or if it is preventable. I am also afraid of nerve damage and want to know how common this is. Thank you so much.

A: There is no question that the smaller the amount of chin bone advancement by sliding genioplasty the less chance there would be for a notch or step off along the jawline. In my experience, I have not seen cases that I am aware of that has had permanent inferior alveolar nerve numbness. Just like the notch along the jawline, the smaller the chin advancement the less likely there is of a risk of nerve injury.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana