Skull Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in skull reshaping as well as jawline reshaping. Would insurance cover my surgery since it is due to congenital plagiocephaly? Also, any doctor in my area that you know of that could do the same surgery that I need? Thank you for everything you do.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your questions:

1) It would be impossible to answer any of your questions without knowing what exact procedures that you need. What I could envision what they may be, I would need to see pictures of your face and a more specific description of the skull and facial asymmetries that you have. Skull reshaping and jawline reshaping are broad terms that apply to a variety of different procedures.

2) Only the insurance company can say whether any of the proposed procedures would be covered. To make that determination the treating physician would have to file a predetermination letter complete with a 3D CT scan (to show the deformities) so they can pass judgment on the operative plan. At best, it would be a 50% or less chance that they would cover any of the procedures.

3) Without knowing the exact problem and the needed procedures, I could not say what expertise exists in your geographic area. Skull reshaping and jawline reshaping are very specialized areas in plastic surgery that very few plastic surgeons do.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana