Should Standard Chin, Jaw Angle and Cheek Implants Be All Placed At Once or Separately?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to ask in general if it is okay to do a chin implant and cheek implant prior to jaw implant if I am considering a jaw implant as well. Or rather would it be better if all 3 implants are done at once (cheek + chin + jaw implant). Last question if a drill hole canthoplasty is done say 10 to 20 years later I wanted to do a revision are drill hole canthoplasties can it be done again does the orbital bone that’s drilled initially heal over time where another drill hole can be done again or would the previous drill hole still be used for future canthoplasty revisions. Thank you 

A: Presuming we are talking about three separate implants (chin, jaw angle and cheeks), I don’t think the order matters. It is all a personal preference as well as which procedures have the highest aesthetic priority. When they are separate implants they can be placed at any time.

Most drill home lateral canthoplasties are done as high up on the lateral orbital rim as possible. So once it is done it can never be moved higher as there is nowhere else to go.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana