Should My Forehead Scar Be Revised Early?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a scar from an accident that runs vertically on the middle of my forehead. The accident happened approximately one month ago. I am interested in hearing your thoughts about whether scar revision will significantly help as I am very self concious about it now.

A: As a general rule, one month after an injury would be way too early for scar revision for the vast majority of facial scars. The wound has barely healed and the scar is undoubtably very red due to the influx of blood vessels needed to help it heal. While being impatient is very understandable as it sits on a prominent facial area, patient is going to be urged in most circumstances.

That being said, there are two indications for early scar intervention. If the wound edges are horribly mismatched and it is apparent that no amount of healing time will improve its contour, then excising the scar and aligning the skin edges may be advantageous. The more common indications for early scar intervention is either fractional laser resurfacing and/or BBL. (broad band light therapy) These non-surgical approaches are done to help the redness of the scar fade sooner or to smooth out some fine edges early. Good wound approximation has to be present so there is no reason to suspect that scar excision would be needed later.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana