Should My Forehead Implant Have Temporal Extensions?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in your forehead implant procedure, and I had sent you photos, I forgot to clarify a doubt I have, in relation to the photos I attached, is it possible to perform such a pronounced increase without modifying the temporal area? I would not like to enlarge that area because it is already large, if the projection of the implant is approximately 20 or 25 mm thick, how unnatural would it be without temporary implants? Would it be very marked?

 I am sending you a picture of me, one of how I would like the result without temporary implants, and another of the idea I have of how it would look without the lateral implants. I thank you for your kind attention and information! 

A: In answer to your forehead augmentation questions:

1) No one needs a 20 to 25mm forehead augmentation. That is way over estimating how much is needed to achieve a vertical forehead slope change. It is probably closer to 12mm to 15mm max.

2) With any forehead augmentation when the slope is lessened the width issue of the forehead is often overlooked. Small amounts of forehead slope change may not require the augmentation to go beyond the bony temporal lines. But in more major changes like the one you are considering that would be a must otherwise your forehead would look like a dolphin!. Thus the question is not whether a major forehead augmentation needs to cross the bony temporal line but how far it needs to extend into the temporal region to avoid an unnatural forehead shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon