Should I Wait To Get Breast Implants Until I Am Finished Having Children?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I got married in September 2018 and now have a baby boy. I will attach pictures. I quit breastfeeding in February, and my boobs feel extremely empty so I am considering breast implants. However, we want to have one more baby so what are your thoughts on waiting until the second one is over? I had to have a C-section because he was breech and they said I will have to have another one. Not sure this even matters, but wanted to let you know. We plan on starting to try this fall/winter and the last one happened right away so if I wait it would put me out a couple years. Hopefully you won’t retire on me if I wait 🙂 Anyways, wanted to see what your thoughts were. Also, could you provide me with a price range for this type of procedure? I wouldn’t want to go much larger than what I already had, which was 32C, so probably a fuller C, smaller D. I hope all is well with the family and you! Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance for your time and guidance!

A: Good to hear from you and congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. Because pregnancy creates breast changes, as you now know well, if you know you are going to have another child it is always better to wait so the surgical result will be stable. Other than large amounts of weight loss, pregnancy creates the greatest havoc on the breasts. After pregnancies, unless one gains a whole lot of weight and then loses it (which will not happen to you), there isn’t much to really change the breasts so one’s investment is better protected long term.

Stay healthy and well and I’ll see you in a few years!

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana