Should I Remove My Existing Chin Implant Prior to Get A 3D CT Scan For A Custom Chin Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I think I am going to have my Terino II implant removed and will be going the custom route. The date for removal will most likely be in around 3 weeks.

However, I thought I should send some more photos in advance of the video consultation so that he gets a better idea of what is going on (in case he thinks it is best to retain the implant for the moment,  and that he may prefer to  remove the current implant and replace with a custom implant at the same surgery (should I decide to proceed and come across to the USA).

Please can you only show him the photos and ask him whether I would be able to keep what I have until any date of surgery (with him removing the old and replacing with new).

However if there is the SLIGHTEST chance that it would negatively impact the new implants and the final “look” then I will simply have to bite my tongue, remove the current implant and wait till first available date. (and grow a beard)

A: Removing it now is fine. What would be ideal is to have a 3D CT scan done before it is removed so we know exactly its dimensions and position on the bone which can provide invaluable information for a new custom implant. (when you know exactly why an implant doesn’t work it helps how to design a new one that will work better)

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon