Should I Lose Weight Before My Facelift?

Q : I am 49 years old and at least 30 lbs over weight. I am in the process of losing this weight. I want a facelift and liposuction under my chin to help my neck. My second question is about burn scars on the bottom of both of my large toes. These scars cover my toe pad and are up under my toe nails making it very difficult to trim my nails. I have never had a pedicure because I’m too embarassed and scared the clinician will cut into the tissue causing pain and bleeding. What procedure would be used to reduce these scars?

A: One should ideally be within 20% of your weight target before undergoing any facelift/necklift procedure. Most people will lose some weight in the neck with their weight loss, creating more loose skin. You don’t want to do the procedure on the front end of the weight loss as you will end up with more rebound skin relaxation once the weight loss occurs negating some of the hard-earned benefit of the operation. Plus, having the procedure as a ‘reward’ after the weight loss may be more motivating. When it comes to weight loss it is always best to have a definitive but realistic weight target.

Your toe scars are unusual in that they seem by your description to come right up under the nail. (eponychium) I am assuming that your toenails have no problem growing. It is just the thickness of the scar right under the nail edge. I would suggest that dermabrasion  (not microdermabrasion) be done to reduce the thickness of the scar. This could remove a few millimeters and reduce the scar hypertrophy.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana