Should I have Orthodontics Or Facial Surgery First?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi! I was googling whether I should have facial surgery or dental work done first and came across an answer left by you. I looked at many before and after photos and am interested in getting information and hopefully getting work done with you in the future. I understand a thorough consultation is necessary before any procedure. With that in mind, I am curious if it would be suggested I get dental work done or facial surgery first. I feel like one side of my face is completely different than the other. They are very subtle in all areas but when I look at pictures of myself I can absolutely tell. Or when I am video chatting with someone. Because my teeth are the same (one side is straighter and symmetrical, the other side has very crooked teeth and is set farther out.) I am concerned that after I get that taken care of, it may assist in making my face look symmetrical because part if the asymmetry in my face is in my cheek/jaw area.

A: To provide an informed answer I would need to see facial pictures. But as a general rule, orthodontic alignment has no impact on improving facial bone asymmetries or shapes. Orthodontics moves teeth and reshapes upper and lower jaw alveolar bone, not the basal bone which creates the external facial shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana