Should I Have My Sliding Genioplasty Completely Reversed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like your advice. I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago and along with that procedure the doctor recommended a sliding genioplasty which I agreed on. I believe he did a 5 mm advancement. He was an oral maxillofacial surgeon that fixed my sisters cleft lip. Well I recently got braces and the orthodontist became a little concerned and said my chin goes to the side a little bit. I see what he is saying and do feel it is a little longer on one side. Would this issue be able to be fixed or is it too complicated and not worth it? I actually really loved my chin before it was symmetrical and fit my face better I think. Do you think I should get it reversed? Or would fixing the asymmetry be safer? Not sure what to do or if I should just leave it alone all together. I have become self conscious about it and realized I only take pictures on an angle because of the asymmetry. I’ve attached my before and after pictures the before picture is the one with the mask haha I don’t have many pictures from that long ago. Your advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

A:Thank you for your inquiry, detailing your history and sending your pictures. Whether it is worth the effort to straighten your chin is a personal decision, not one I can make for you. What I can tell you is the options for improvement. First I would not completely reverse it because that may create another aesthetic issue….chin ptosis or soft tissue sag. Rather I would focus on straightening it which can be done one of two ways. Intraoral realignment of the bone or a submental shave technique of the asymmetric larger side. Further insight into which approach is better would require a look at an x-ray. (even a simple panorex would be helpful but a cone beam scan of your chin is most ideal)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana