Should I Have My Old Jaw Implants Removed or New Ones Placed On Top Of Them?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had the Mandibular Matrix system implanted in 2010 including the two 7cm jaw implants and a 7cm chin implant. However after three years, the two jaw implants have shrunken/settled into my bone so that my jaw corners are around the same size as they were before the surgery. I plan to have my jaw revised. From looking around, I can tell that you are one of the top-experts on male jaw enhancement. Do you recommend replacing the jaw implants or stacking a new implant on top? What are the risks of bone settling and how can I reduce them. Also, how can I schedule a consultation and surgery date? I can send you pictures. Thanks.

A: My first question is whether the jaw implants have really sunken into the bone. That would be very unlikely given how the Medpor material is treated by the underlying bone. The first thing I would do is have a 3D CT scan done and a model made to really look at the current relationship of your existing implants and the jaw bone. It would be impossible to give good advice/recommendations without knowing the answer to this very important question. It may also be likely that any new implants may have to be custom made whether they would be placed on top of or in replacement of your existing implants. Be aware that it would be very difficult to remove your existing implants…not impossible but very difficult.

Dr. Barry Eppley