Should I Have My Hair Transplant Before Or After A Skull Reshaping Procedure?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hope you doing great and you might recall our discussion regarding my cranioplasty last year (I have attached the mail and picture for you to recall). As you mentioned, I have flattening as well as surface is NOT even on back of skull, and I have hair loss as well. Would you recommend that I have hair surgery (FUE or FUT) method first and then go for surgery with you or surgery with you first and then hair transplant? Your advice will help me plan my surgery.

A: It is always best to have the skull augmentation first and then the hair transplant. Much like building a house, you should put the frame up before you can build the roof. Since the cranioplasty must now be done through an open approach (the injectable material is no longer available), the hair transplants can be used to help further camouflage the scalp scar if necessary.

Dr. Barry Eppley