Should I Have Fat Injections Instead Of Implants For Breast Augmentation?

Q: Do you do fat injections for breast augmentations? I read your article and have already been in to be seen and I am planning to have surgery in June. Is this a possibility for me? I did not know about this before the time I had my breast augmentation consultation or I would have asked. 

A: Fat injections for breast augmentation (FIBA) at this time is a procedure that is in a state of development. The reliability of the procedure and whom is the best candidate for it will take time to know better. The fairest statement one can make about the FIBA procedure is that the result can not guaranteed (breast volume and shape), can cost more than traditional breast implants, and may likely take two or three injection sessions spaced 3 to 6 months apart to get the desired result. Then there are the very real risks of fat necrosis and lumps throughout the breast.

To the best we know at this time, FIBA may be a reasonable alternative for a woman whose breast size goal is modest (B cup, maybe small C) and is willing to assume multiple procedures and the associated risks. This is not to mention that one must have enough fat to harvest on one’s body for transfer.

Compared to the success of traditional breast implants, FIBA is not for the vast majority of women considering breast enlargement today. It may be a different story (or not) five or ten years from now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana