Should I Have Chin Augmentation or A Lower Facelift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I like the first chin augmentation imaging that you did the best, I believe that is the smallest correct? For some reason though I just think I may Iook too masculine. I mean I know I have a boyish face but sometimes I feel like my recessed chin is the only feminine thing about my face lol. I would like to see what it would look like from the front profile because honestly that’s what bothers me the most. I feel like my lower face does not add up to my mid face and I feel like my lower face is sagging— perhaps what I need is a face lift. I honestly don’t know. Maybe you have other suggestions? I’m so lost. You’re the only surgeon I would feel comfortable getting anything done from so I really appreciate your input. Ultimately I guess I just want a more v shaped jawline and chin to look the most feminine that I could possible look. I just gotta figure out what needs to be done. Thank you so so much

A: In answer to your chin augmentation imaging responses:

1) I think it is wise for a female with a significant chin deficiency to be very careful about doing too much, Such patients often have a hard time recognizing themselves afterwards and can never adjust to a so called normal chin position. So the use of computer imaging has helped flush that concept out in you.

2) Since the chin augmentation would be small I would just go with an implant which is probably no more than 5mm horizontal projection and has no extended wings. (anatomic style chin implant) It also would need to be hand modified so it looks just like a V. With implants you have to exaggerate their design on the bone as the overlying soft tissues will blunt their effects. So to have a more narrow chin the implant must literally look like a V.

3) Not doing frontal imaging was not an oversight. You can’t really pull the chin forward with imaging so It won’t show much of anything. Unless one is interested in increased chin width (which you aren’t) frontal imaging is not useful. For chins and jawline the combination of the side and oblique views is the most informative and accurate.

4) A jowl tuckup procedure always makes the jawline sharper as it pulls the soft tissues back over the jawline bone. So the question is not whether that is beneficial but rather how far does one want to go for how much effect. At the least submental/neck/jawline liposuction is needed with the chin implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana