Should I Have A Rib Graft Or An Implant For My Rhinoplasty?

Q: I am interested in a rhinoplasty to build out my nose as it is very short. I am of Asian background and have a small flat nose which is inherited.  I have read that it can be done with either a rib graft or using a synthetic implant. I would definitely prefer using rib as that would be more natural. I have done some imaging of my nose in profile to show how I would like it to look afterwards. Can this type of result be done?

A: In looking at your profile and predictive imaging, I would make two points. First, using a rib graft for the short nose is the best long-term approach. This is particularly true when there is a significant amount of augmentation desired. Large amounts of synthetic material will put the nose skin under tension ultimately leading to thinning of the skin and tissues and risks of exposre or extrusion. A little synthetic material on the dorsum of the nose can work well. A lot  is a recipe for complications. Secondly and of equal importance, you have unrealistic results. That amount of augmentation is not possible no matter how it is done. The skin of the nose will simply not stretch enough to accommodate that much augmentation. And even if it would, you would not want it to. You should realistically expect about half of that rhinoplasty result that you are showing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana