Should I Have a One or Two Stage Skull Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, When I saw the photoshop photos of my head, new questions arose: 

Stage 1 Questions : 

  1. Will stage 1 correct the flatness of the head? 

I know I can’t achieve a big round head but will correct flatness & notice a change. 

  1. If I decide Stage 1, can I come back for bigger augmentation years later? 
  2. Will I need to do tissue expander then?

Stage 2 Questions : 

  1. Will I able to do regular day things for example work, exercise & drive. 

  2. Is tissue expander visible? Can I hide it in my hair? 

  1. How long will I have the tissue expander in for? 
  2. Shower? 

Surgery questions : Is there any side effects? 

Will I feel the implant in my head? Like weight? Is headaches a side effect? 

Dr. Barry, I need your help in making a decision please please please. I desire a full round head. However, Stage 2 is a more lengthy process than stage 1. 

My biggest fear is that Stage 1 won’t correct the flatness. Do you personally think stage 1 will do any difference ?? 

A: My answers are:

1) The whole purpose of the computer imaging is to show you the differences between a one vs two stage skull augmentation. It is up for you to decide if what you see in a one stage procedure is adequate.

2) Having a skull implant in place does NOT preclude having a large one placed later.

3) A skull implant feels just like bone and does not prohibit any activity after surgery including exercise and contact sports. A tissue expander will feel much softer.

4)  With a good head of hair the tissue expander can not be seen. It will remain in place for two months. One may shower and wash their hair whiel having a tissue expander.

5) Skull implants do not cause headaches. They are light weight, most skull implants weight less than ½ pound. So while it makes your head bigger it does not really make it much heavier.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon