Should I Have A Breast Reduction Before Having Children?

Q:  I am going to have breast reduction surgery and I was wanting to know if I have more children in the future will my breasts go back to the before size, or just bigger than the after size? My insurance will cover it now, not then, that is why I was curious.. Thanks for the help.

A: From a breast shape and size standpoint, the answer would be that one should wait until after having completed all the pregnancies that one desires then have a breast reduction. But life is rarely ideal and breast reduction followed by pregnancies are not rare. Teenagers and young women commonly have breast reduction followed by pregnancies. The back, neck and shoulder pain from large breasts make the appeal of such surgery very attractive to get relief now rather than years later. Also, if you have insurance now and may not later there is the obvious financial attraction to doing something while you have coverage.

That being said, breast reduction and secondary pregnancy are not mutually exclusive…provided one acknowledges that the breasts shape and size that is obtained from the surgery will be negatively affected by future pregnancies. Most likely they will get smaller, they will sag more (the bottom will fall out more) and they will become flatter in shape. Pregnancy stretches out the skin and shrinks away breast tissue causing a deflation effect. In rare cases, the reverse may actually happen where the breasts become bigger again.

There is nothing wrong with doing breast reduction before pregnancy as long as one realizes that the breasts will not stay the same size and shape afterwards.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana