Should I Get Injectable Fillers or Implants For Under The Eye Hollowing?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 28 year old male. I would like to have Restylane injected under my eyes in order to reduce the appearance of my eye bags/dark circles. Is this something that you would do often at your clinic? Am I a suitable candidate? I would also like to increase the definition of my jawline/chin. Have you ever made a more male, square, enhanced jawline/chin by using fillers alone, such as Radiesse? Or would I need to get jaw and chin implants? Do you do this procedure often? I don't like the way there is a slight double chin at certain angles, as you can see in the photo, would fillers get rid of this or would I need a chin implant? The last three photos are of jawlines that I would like mine to be more like.

A: When you look at all of your facial issues combined, they have a similar theme…an underlying bone deficiency. In the words, you are structurally weak. This is particularly relevant in the lower eyelid area where the problem is a recessed infra-orbital rim and cheek bones. That is why you have this appearance at such a young age. The chin and jawline issue is not as weak as it is just your desire for a much stronger one.

As for injectable fillers, they are a poor treatment for the under the eye area and are absolutely a contraindicated treatment for the chin and jawline. While injecting Restylane under the eyes can be done, I have never been that impressed with its results for your particular problem and it is only a temporary fix at best. Irregularities are very common in this area with injectable treatments that will persist as long as the filler lasts. You would be much better served by a combined infra-orbital/malar implants in this area which would correct the entire problem from the rim to the cheek and be permanent. From a jawline perspective, every young male shows me male model/actor pictures just like the ones you have shown. Those type of results are only obtainable with chin and jaw angle implants, ideally custom made ones that connect the chin and jaw angles in one smooth line.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana