Should I Get Hip Implants Or Fat Grafting?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in getting hip implants to achieve an hourglass figure. I hate the indent I have in my hips and would like implants to be inserted up over the iliac crests if I’m not mistaken. The indent has gotten bigger and worse as I tried to gain weight in the hips, but of course I can only do so much with the bone structure I have. My questions are, how wide can the hip implants be? I’m typically trying to achieve at least around an inch. And also I’m interested in getting a labiaplasty to reduce my labia, so could this procedure be done at the same time? Thanks

A: Hip implants are an option for your hip indents but placing them that high up over the iliac crests may be problematic in terms of the waistline effects of wearing clothes. Given  your body type I would first consider a fat transfer as you have good volume to be harvested from the knees, inner thighs and some from the abdomen. This is the way to put fat there as opposed to trying to gain weight by your diet. While fat is unpredictable in terms of its survival, it is perfectly safe, natural and would prepare the tissues better if you ever considered placing implants in that area. (although the goal would be to never have to exercise that option) Labiaplasty could be performed with either fat grafting or implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana