Should I Get Hair Transplantation Before Or After Skull Reshaping?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have contacted you in the past about questions I had regarding indentations I have on my skull, and about fixing them with a cranioplasty. You responded by telling me that I would require an open approach cranioplasty and the incision would be bilateral from ear to ear. Along with having a large indentations on my skull, I also am going bald. I am interested in getting a cranioplasty done by you and also am planning on getting a FUE hair restoration at some point.
My questions are:
1. If I was to get a FUE hair transplant/restoration would it be better to do it before or after the cranioplasty?
2. Would it make sense to do it after, so it mite be able to help cover the scar? or does it even matter?
3. Also can you diagnose what the name of the medical term/condition is that I have wrong with my skull by looking at the attached pictures I have here?

A: In answer to your questions, you would always want to do hair tranplantation AFTER a cranioplasty. This is because it would also give one the opportunity to place hair grafts along the scar should that be necessary. While this could always be done after, you would like to have that option during the initial FUE procedure. Usually that is not necessary but it is a theoretical option that you want to keep available given that bothi of these procedures are elective and can be done anytime in any order.

I believe what you have is a very incomplete form (microform expression) of bicoronal craniosynostosis. This is because you have deep indentations (like a constricting band) right along the exact location of the underlying original coronal suture locations.

Dr. Barry Eppley