Should I Get Another Injectable Rhinoplasty Or Have A Real Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a nonsurgical injectable rhinoplasty last year but I believe the effect might be over. My question is do you think I should consider rhinoplasty because of the projection of my tip when I laugh and my bump on nose. Or should i just get another nonsurgical rhinoplasty because the tip is bothering me.  The problem is my nasal profile from side could be adjusted with injection of the but it doesn’t do anything to the tip and it droops or falls down when I laugh.  Please let me know thanks

A: I believe you have really answered your own question about the decision for a second injectable rhinoplasty vs. open surgical rhinoplasty. One of the benefits of any type of non-surgical aesthetic treatment is to determine if its effects can produce an equivalent result as that of surgery. While an injectable rhinoplasty can provide augmentation to a low radix or bridge of the upper nose, it will have no effect on any other areas of the nose other than that of an illusory effect on the overall nose shape. It will certainly not have an effect on an overly dynamic nasal tip that pulls down with smiling or laughing. Thus, some form of surgical rhinoplasty is the only treatment that can treat both both the bridge and tip problems.

A surgical rhinoplasty for you would augment the bridge with either an implant or cartilage graft and resection of the depressor septi muscle if the only tip issue is its downward pulling.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana