Should I Do Rhinoplasty Alone Or With Other Facial Procedures?

Q: Dr. Eppley, when I retire I will do a general over-all facial rejuvenation/enhancement and possibly a slight rhinoplasty tune-up/reduction. Probably fairly aggressive because due to my life situation, there is no need to “look like the same person, just well rested”.  Now, is there any logical/preferable order in which to do these things? I had a successful facelift several years ago. I can say that I I don’t care if I spend the first three months  looking swollen and feeling pain – the end results are well worth it, plus I am just not a whiner. But I  thought I might do the rhinoplasty first/separately, so that the follow-on surgeon can correctly judge the amount of change needed with the “new nose”.   Thus the question: how much of the facial implant work can be done all at once?

A: Without knowing what you look like or exactly need, I can not give a very precise answer. In general, I routinely perform all facial procures at one time including any implant work and rhinoplasty. How one facial procedure affects another can really be determined before anything is done by computer imaging. But certainly there is no reason you could not do the rhinoplasty first and then three to six months later do the remainder of any facial reshaping procedures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana