Should I Be Concerned About Sagging Skin After A Chin Reduction?

Q:  Dear Dr. Eppley, I consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon who says he can round the corners of my chin and reduce about 5mms of projection without any ptosis or deformity. I have seen his before and after pictures and they are stunning. Best I’ve seen. Should I still be concerned about sagging. Also he wants to put me on a course of antibiotics, steroids and put a drainage tube in my chin to make sure no fluid collects for several days. What are your thoughts?
A: There is no chin reduction procedure of any significance in which the risk of soft tissue sagging does not exist. By definition when you make the supporting bone structure smaller, you have an excess of overlying soft tissue. With proper soft tissue management and suspension this potential concern can be avoided whether it is done from an intraoral or submental approach. The use of antibiotics and steroids are standard practice. The use of a drain is surgeon’s preference. It is not something that I have ever used for any chin procedure but I know there are some surgeons that do.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana