Semi-Custom Facial Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am ready to move forward with my infraorbital/malar implants, but I have a few questions to make sure I understand the difference between custom and semi-custom facial implants. I am familiar with fully custom because that is what we did with my jawline.

So semi-custom does not use my CT scan, but you still design the implants to fit my face based on a design from someone with similar bone structure? Will I still receive the mock-ups and be able to talk to you about revisions?

Does it matter that one of my eye sockets is lower than the other?  (AND can that be fixed?)

As always, Thank for your time,

A: The difference between custom vs semi-custom facial implants is the following:

1) A custom implant is made directly off the patient’s 3D CT scan, the semi-custom is using another patient’s implant design off of their scan.

2) The semi-custom implant almost will always require some intraoperative adjustments for fit.

3) The semi-custom approach works better for some facial areas than others. For example, the infraorbital-malar is really not all that different amongst bony deficient patients so It can work satisfactorily in some cases. A semi-custom implant approach, for example, does not work all for a total jawline implant.

4) The only review of the implant design would be by looking at the other patient’s design file. Samples could be made for review but the company will have a charge for them.

5) If you have any significant facial asymmetry a custom implant approach would probably be better.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana