Sculptra Breast Injections

Q: Dr. Eppley, Do you preform breast injections with a Sculptra, or a similar lactic acid polymerized substance. And would you be willing to try a breast injection procedure?

A: Breast augmentation by resorbable synthetic fillers, like Sculptra, is quite frankly a problem waiting to happen. (Sculptra breast injections) Such fillers in significant volumes create soft tissue reactions such as lumps and even granulomas. This creates breast lumps and scar tissue which is the antithesis of what a soft breast should feel like. In addition, creates such soft tissue reactions in a bodily structure  in which lifelong cancer surveillance is important is not the best medical decision.. Detecting breast cancer would be made more difficult in such an injected breast and these soft tissue reaction would make breast cancer detection challenging.

In addition, the volume of material needed and the need for repeat injection would make it a very costly endeavor. This cost factor is magnified when one realizes that such injections are not a long-term solution to a sustained increase in breast size.

A safer and more medically sound approach to non-implant breast augmentation than Sculptra breast injections is to use fat injections…provided one has enough fat to do so.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana