Scalp Scar Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in scalp scar revision. This is a 37 cm by 2 mm scar by a hair transplant that was done 15 year ago. My main goal is to be able to cut my hair short so I can wear it like in the pictures without being noticed. It is slightly hypertrophic but more problematic is that it is white and that it is linearly straight. I have tried tattoos – it was not successful and injections didn’t help either. I would to see if we can revise this. How will you be able to handle the hairs that in and around it ?Would you be able to save the hairs? Thanks.

A:The only method that could offer any improvement is that of surgical scalp scar revision. The scar needs to be cut out in its entirety and then reclosed using either a straight line as it is or with a running w-plasty closure line. (preferred) Any hairs that are in the scar would be removed. Hairs that are around the scar would be preserved. I don;t know if it is every realistic that you can have the scar improved to the point where it would never be somewhat noticeable. Like all scar revisions, reduction in its appearance may be possible but complete invisibility is not a realistic goal.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana