Rib Removal

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have for a few years been researching rib removal for cosmetic reasons, but was unable to find surgeons doing this procedure. The only surgeon I found with information about this procedure said the rib removal alone would not make the waist look smaller. I found you when reading about the model having rib removal with you last year. Is removal of the floating ribs likely to make a considerable difference on a slim woman? Is it possible to receive more information about the procedure? Particularly about aftercare and risks, it is hard to come by legitimate information about this procedure. I understand that it is an extreme procedure, and you have probably received many messages about this procedure after the story came out. Is this a procedure you will do? How does a patient go forward with this? Is an in-office consultation necessary? I’m located in Europe. Other than being a motivated and healthy patient, what makes for a fitting patient for rib removal?

A: The best way to get the most accurate information about rib removal for waistline narrowing is by have a virtual consultation. My assistant will contact you tomorrow to schedule a Skype consultation. Rib removal with waistline training can successfully narrow a waistline in my experience of close to twenty rib removal patients. Those women who get the best results are usually the ones that are already fairly thin where the effects are seen the best. Please send me some pictures of your waistline and any examples of what you want to achieve.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana