Silicone Removal

Q: Dr. Eppley, My problem is the buttocks augmentation I did 10 years ago with permanent fillers. The plastic surgeon did an awkward shape, he filled the flanks and the upper buttocks, which as a consequence made may back look shorter. Before buttocks augmentation, I originally have shorter torso comparing to my long legs, even though, I used to have a proper and slim body. The permanent fillers are made of silicone. It  is called pure gel if you have heard about it, it is made in the USA and it is banned now in my country. The problem about these fillers is when trying to remove them from the body, the body get infected. A friend  tried to remove them and when she did  the skin where the fillers were injected got burnt and became dark. She got a fever for almost a month and was taken to the hospital for treatment. If you have any background information about this kind of fillers and the proper way of removing them with out any side effects please advise me.

A: When it comes to trying silicone removal from prior oil injections, there is no approved injectable silicone filler in the U.S. of any kind. The removal of silicone oils are all problematic, have a high risk profile and there are no ‘proper ways’ to remove them since there are not supposed to be used for this aesthetic purpose. Like any form of a permanent synthetic filler, they can be very difficult to remove later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana