Q: Dr. Eppley, I had eyebrow transplants done 3 weeks ago with 50 FUEs to each brow area,  I’m looking to get a rhinoplasty with a silicone implant done a month from now. Can I just check and see if it will be fine to do so or will my grafts be damaged if I get a rhinoplasty done so soon after? My surgeon says it is fine but I wanted to get some additional expertise from someone of your professional caliber.

A: The follicle of a hair transplant has taken by two to three weeks after being placed. The hair shaft will have exfoliated by then but the transplanted follicle lies deep to the skin surface where it will be unaffected by any external forces. It will cause no harm to recently transplanted follicles to have a rhinoplasty done one month after the hair transplantation procedure. In fact hair transplantation could be done at the same time as a rhinoplasty if it were not for several logistical issues. (e.g. time of the procedure and the typical environment (office ) where most hair transplantation procedures are done) Rhinoplasty even using a silicone implant will have no negative impact even on hair transplants that are so new.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana