Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in coming for rhinoplasty surgery. I only want to change the bit from the nostril tip to the bit where it meets the lower lip. Currently my nose is like this. I want a shorter area from nose top to the top of lip and a nicer angle like this. I researched something can be done to make this area similar to above. Is that true? What kind of material can be placed where the green is in the diagram below to give this nicer angle? Do you know if it can be done?

A: As best as I can tell from your description of your nasal concern and objective, you want to change the nasolabial angl as well as the shape of the infralobular-columella region. It is a bit difficult to reconcile your description with the picture examples you have provided. But the rhinoplasty diagram you have provided shows a columellar strut graft. Depending where that cartilage graft is placedm the nasolabial angle and shape of the nasal tip can be changed. I would need to see a side picture of your nose and do some computer imaging to have a more clear idea of your desired rhinoplasty changes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana