Revision Rhinoplasty

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking a revision rhinoplasty. I had my primary rhinoplasty done six months ago. The method used was diced ear cartilage wrapped in fascia to increase bridge and tip height. What I’ve noticed in my bridge is that it slightly decreased in height possibly due to swelling going away. With the swelling gone, the bridge height isn’t as augmented as I had wanted. For a revision,I wanted to know if Dr. Eppley would consider using the diced cartilage injection technique.Looking for very slight increase in bridge height.I feel that cartilage injection best suits my case.That minor change can make a huge difference. As I have read in some of your articles concerning revision rhinoplasty, many patients desire a revision rhinoplasty because they may be seeking the optimal look for themselves and may not be a result of aesthetic unhappiness with what their previous surgeon performed. In my case, I feel as if my surgeon did an excellent job with my rhinoplasty. My only issue now is that I was extremely gratified in the first three to four weeks with my nose but failed to realize that the swelling played a role in that. Now that the swelling has almost subsided completely, I am looking to add enough bridge height to replicate what it looked like in the first month post surgery. I can’t stress to you enough how little of an increase in bridge height I am desiring, but it’s enough of a change to make a huge difference for me. 

A: Thank you for our detailed rhinoplasty history. For a modest increase in dorsal height, I would agree that an injection of diced cartilage, done through an intercartlaginous incision, should be appropriate.While the concept of an injection always sound simple, it is important to note that cartilage must be harvested, prepared and then injected. The question is where that cartilage should come from…the contralateral ear or the septum?  Either way this usually requires more than a local anesthetic in most cases.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana