Reversal Jawline Reduction Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am looking for reversal jawline reduction surgery to undo my prior V-line jaw reshaping. I have sent you a 3D CT scan. Cal you tell me what procedures I need to get back the jawline that I had?

A: I have reviewed your 3D CT scan and I can now report on what was done on your jawline reduction procedure. You had a straightforward sliding genioplasty of maybe 5mms advancement. (very small) There were three plates used for its fixation. No width reduction as done on the chin, it was simply brought forward. There are no appreciable changes to the rest of the bony jawline. The jaw angles remained structurally intact  (no amputation of the angles) There may have been some burring done for a little width reduction but not much.

In conclusion your reversal jawline reduction procedure to return you as close to where you were before would consist of the following:

1) Reversal setback genioplasty

2) Width only jaw angle implants of a small size. (3mm)

Based on the 3D CT scan I do not see the benefit of making custom implants. The chin needs to be set back and performed srandard jaw angle implants can be used too restore the jaw angle width.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana