Prioritizing Facial Reshaping Procedures

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a number of facials reshaping procedures I want to undergo I am interested suborbital/chin/malar/paranasal/midface/jaw/cheekbone implants, rhinoplasty, some aspects of FFS (hairline advancement, blepharoplasty, slight jaw and chin reduction to reduce broadness/squareness) Apologies for the laundry list of procedures but I didn’t want to miss anything I might benefit from changing.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your picture. Like all major facial reshaping procedures where many changes are desired, it becomes important to establish a priority list or levels of importance for the various facial procedures. This become relevant because in most cases patients are unable to under all of them at one time. Therefore I recommend to patients to establish three levels of priority from most important, to important but it can wait, to nice if done but could live without it. I would then place just three procedures in each category. This will be a very useful exercise for you to do and will enable me to help you in a more useful manner.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana