Posterior Temporal Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have sent you some photos in previous two emails of my skull shape and protruding temporal area with convex appearance. The muscle bulge is palpable and visual and creates a bilateral bulge just above my ears which is hugely increased in size and convexity when I frown (it’s like the facial frown muscles are connected to this bulge). For me it creates the appearance of a wide head which further draws attention to my oddly shaped skull in particular a long sharply angled, flat occipital region. I am unable to wear most sunglasses as my head appears so wide and if I attempt to place/rest glasses on my head they will crack due to intense pressure from sitting on the bulges. If you require any more pictures, angles please let me know. I am determined to fix this and create a more aesthetic appearance. I was completely unaware until I came across your revolutionary work in skull aesthetics. Thank you so much!

A: Your very description of your symptoms and pictures speaks to a large posterior belly of the temporalis muscle, exactly what the posterior temporal reduction procedure addresses. It’s goal is to change the convex shape of the head above the ears to more of a straight line. This becomes possible because the thickness of this muscle, particularly above the ears, is as much as 7mm to 9mms per side. Done through a postauricular incision, it removes the full thickness of this muscle creating an immediate elimination of the temporal bulge.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana