Post Zygomatic Reduction Cheek Suspension

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve been following your website for some while now and was wondering if I could get some answers on cheek resuspension.I had zygoma reduction surgery last year and was interested in this procedure. Specifically I am interested in your preferred method of cranial cheek resuspension.

(1) I am 21 years old and of asian descent. Zygoma reduction has given me slightly lowered cheeks when I smile and puffy nasolabial lines. Would this cheek resuspension technique fix my problems?

(2) Is my age and race a problem with this type of surgery?

(3) Is there hair loss associated with the incision?

(4) How long would it take for swelling to go down and for people around me to not notice that I have swelling?

(5) Is this procedure the same thing as a cheek lift?

(6) Can this resuspension be done to look natural? I do not want to have chipmunk cheeks afterwards and think I only need a slight lift of the cheek tissues.

A: In answer to your post zygomatic reduction cheek suspension questions:

1) Cheek soft tissue resuspension would be the only treatment option for sagging cheeks after zygoma reduction surgery.

2) Your age range and race is the most common patient for cheek suspension after cheek reduction osteotomies.

3) No hair loss is associated with any scalp or temporal incisions.

4) Two weeks would be the maximal recovery for swelling.

5) Cheek suspension and cheek lifts are interchangeable terms.

6) A goal of a slight lift is good as that is what would usually be achieved and/or needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana