Post Op Umbilicoplasty

Umbilicoplasty Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. After an umbilical repair, there will be an outer taped dressing and a plug of antibiotic-soaked gauze packed into the umbilicus. The outer dressing may be changed as needed if it gets loose. The umbilical packing stays.
  2. One may shower and get the outer dressing wet. It can be changed as needed.
  3. Usually dissolvable sutures are used for most umbilicoplasties. In some cases, however, permanent sutures may be used. These will be removed around 10 days after surgery.
  4. Once the gauze packing is removed from the umbilicus, keep a layer of antibiotic ointment there for another week.
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise, such as sit-ups, for several weeks after surgery.
  6. Bathing, hot tubs, and swimming can be done 3 weeks after umbilical surgery.

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