Post Op Midface

Midface Lift Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. The midface lift does not usually require any type of external dressing. The suture lines (scalp and lower eyelid) are left open without dressings.
  2. It is important to sleep with your head up as much as possible. This will help decrease the amount of face and eye swelling that will normally occur. Sleeping in a recliner is most ideal for the first postoperative week.
  3. Cold compresses to the eyes for the first 24 hours is very helpful to keep swelling down and make them feel better. This can be done by chilled washrags, gel eye masks, or frozen bags of vegetables.
  4. Keep the lower eyelid incisions covered with a light layer of antibiotic ointment. The antibiotic ointment used is an ophthalmic preparation so it is harmless if it gets into your eyes. Apply it twice a day.
  5. You may shower, bath, and wash your hair after the first 24 hours. Soap and water along the incision lines pose no increased infection risk.
  6. Your activity level should be what feels good. Do routine activities as tolerated. Avoid exercise, lifting, or straining to avoid increasing excessive blood flow to your face during the first 3 weeks after surgery. It is particularly important to avoid bending over until your face is well healed.
  7. The skin over the cheek and around the eyes will be numb for several months after surgery. Full feeling will return.
  8. Sutures at the lower eyelid will be removed in 7 days while scalp sutures will be removed at 10 to 14 days after surgery.
  9. It is extremely important to avoid any type of nicotine products for several weeks after surgery. Nicotine slows down or impairs healing. This includes cigarettes and cigars as well as nicotine gum and patches.
  10. You may begin driving within days after surgery provided you are off pain medications and can see clearly.
  11. Be patient. It takes nearly 3 full weeks to look fairly normal and not as someone who had had surgery. After the first week, you can wear make-up or concealer to mask signs of healing.